Hazing Prevention

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Information for Hazing Prevention

On June 15, 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature passed  S.B. 38authored by Senator Judith Zaffirini, to update Texas law on hazing. In accordance with these changes, A&M-San Antonio will publish and distribute a report on hazing report no later than the 14th day before class each Fall and Spring. The most up-to-date can be accessed by clicking the following button.

Hazing Report

It is essential to know that hazing is not just a violation of university rules; hazing is a crime. Under the law, a hazing offense can be committed not only by engaging in a hazing activity but also by soliciting, directing, encouraging, aiding, or attempting to aid another in hazing; by intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly allowing hazing to occur; or by failing to report, in writing to the Dean of Students or another appropriate official of the institution, first-hand knowledge that a hazing incident is planned or has occurred. The fact that a person consented to or acquiesced to a hazing activity is not a defense to prosecution for hazing under the law.

Anyone with knowledge of hazing that has occurred, or has the potential to occur, should report it as soon as possible.

Hazing Prevention Committee

The Hazing Prevention Committee is a group of students, staff, and faculty charged with educating the Texas A&M University-San Antonio about hazing to prevent hazing behaviors from coming to our campus. The committee is responsible for developing and executing an annual educational plan for the community, including hosting National Hazing Prevention Week activities on campus each Fall. 

Student Involvement- Cristina Dominguez

Rec Sports - Trevor Brunet

Rec Sports Student Rep - Johnathon Lucas

Faculty Representative - Joseph Simpson

UPD - Karen Tucker-Engel  

Success Center - John Edward De La Rosa

Title IX - Joni Baker  

Athletics - Stephen Sherman  

Counseling - Sandra Mendoza Lee  

Student Rep - Cary Farrow

Military Affairs - Angel Vega  

All Greek Council Student Rep – To be filled

SGA Student Rep – To be filled

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