IT Accessibility Procurement

Texas A&M University-San Antonio strives to make its programs, services and activities accessible to all students, faculty, staff and general public who visit our campus. One way we are working to remove accessibility barriers is to procure software and hardware that meets in accordance with Texas Administrative Code: Title 1, Chapter 213, Subchapter CTexas Administrative Code: Title 1, Rule 206.70, and Texas Government Code 2054, Subchapter M. Access to Electronic and Information Resources by Individuals with Disabilities. These statues provides standards for Digital Accessibility.

To facilitate procurement of accessible information technology products, the following product categories subjected to accessibility review are: 

  • Software applications and operating systems
  • Web-based internet information and applications
  • Telecommunication products (phone systems, voice mail systems)
  • video and multimedia products (videos, TVs and displays)
  • Self-contained, closed products (printers, kiosks)
  • Desktop and portable computers

For additional information, please contact Lydia Harkey at

Accessibility Procurement Process