Exception Request

If after careful evaluation of all available resources and options it has determined that compliance with a provision of  Texas A&M University-San Antonio Digital Accessibility Policy imposes a significant difficulty or expense to the university, A&M-San Antonio staff/faculty may request an exception. An exception for significant difficulty or expense is not an exception to overall compliance, but rather is an exception only for the specific item or situation and requires a reasonable alternate method for access.

Approved exceptions to compliance with the Texas DIR accessibility rules allow a time-limited exception to the standard means of access to the Digital Accessibility under consideration. Approved exceptions does not eliminate the University digital accessibility owner's responsibility to provide access to the digital accessibility by an alternate method or in an alternate format. Any request for an exception to the Texas or System's accessibility rules must be submitted to A&M-San Antonio Digital Accessibility Officer for review and processing.

Completed  Digital Accessibility Exceptions Request Form are submitted to the  Digital Accessibility Officer for processing. Requests include a description of the accessibility issue, justification for exception, and plan for alternate means of access. Exceptions require approval by the CIO and President or designee who will specify an expiration date for an approved exception.

Digital Accessibility Exceptions Request Form