Spotlight Accessibility

Start Small, Start Now

As you attempt to make your content more accessible, you may find it overwhelming and an inconvenience. You may also feel challenged to make your digital content 100% accessible for 100% of your users. Rest assured, accessibility is NOT all or nothing; it is simply a matter of relearning how to use the tools you already have.

7 Core Accessibility Skills

Using the tools you already have at your fingertips may not be as daunting as you think. This will be a 6 part series to learn the 7 core skills of creating accessible, usable digital communication.

This 6 part series includes information on the following:

  1. Heading and document structure
  2. Accessibility Checker
  3. Hyperlinks
  4. Video captions
  5. Bullets and numbered lists
  6. Color and contrast
  7. Image alt text

These skills are easy to learn in just a short time.