Mail and Receiving

The campus Mail and Receiving Department supports official University business of outgoing parcels, interoffice correspondence, parcel delivery, and postage stamp sales. Official University business is defined as essential to the activities of the institution, therefore, it is a restricted service. Mail and Receiving services prohibit access for personal use, private gain, use of advertising programs by non-University groups, or political endorsements not sponsored by the University.

Outgoing Mail Procedure

Outgoing mail and parcels (FedEx, UPS, etc.), must be received in the mail room no later than 2:30 p.m. daily in order to be processed the same day. 

Interoffice Mail

Interoffice mail delivery service is provided throughout the University.  Interoffice mail must be placed in a brown reusable envelope provided for that purpose.  The correct interoffice address contains the name and department of the recipient followed by the name and department of the sender.  Excess Interoffice envelopes should be returned to the mail room.  Requests for interoffice envelopes may be sent to the mail room.  To ensure that postage is not wasted on internal mail, the use of white envelopes for internal mail (with or without the University Insignia and return address) is prohibited.  Plain white envelopes may be used to provide extra security for confidential documents, but these must be placed inside the Interoffice mailing envelopes.

Package Delivery

The Mail and Receiving Department is a central hub for parcel shipping and receiving of couriers including FedEx, USPS, Amazon, and other service providers. Departments receive receipt notifications upon arrival for overnight, next day air and parcels. Departments must notify vendors to request a lift gate if anticipating larger or heavier deliveries.

Stamp Sales

Mail and Receiving services sell books or single postage stamps for cash only in the Central Academic Building, Suite 116. For additional information on packing and shipping services visit quick links list of providers. The United States Postal Service sells postage stamps in several different forms. Visit for other postage products and services.


Contact Information

Central Academic Building 116
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: (210) 784-2121