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Texas Application for State Financial Aid

This program is for non-citizens who are classified as Texas residents.

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Program Eligibility

The Texas A&M University-San Antonio Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is committed to helping all our students attain their educational goals by providing quality assistance in addressing their financial needs. As specified by Senate Bill 1528, state law permits students that are neither US citizens, nor permanent residents to be classified as Texas residents for admissions and financial aid purposes, thus making them eligible for state aid.

Certain categories of foreign-born and immigrant students in the State of Texas can meet state requirements for residency under Texas Education Code. This state law allows House Bill 1403 and Senate Bill 1528 students to pay the resident tuition rate while attending public institutions of higher education in Texas, and be classified as state residents for tuition purposes. As Texas residents, such students are eligible to apply for some student financial aid programs offered by the State of Texas.

To qualify for this program, students must meet the below criteria:

  1. Must have lived in Texas at least three years before receiving their high school (in Texas) diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency
  2. Must have lived in Texas at least three years before enrolling in a public college / university (in Texas)
  3. Must submit an Affidavit of Intent with the Registrar’s Office declaring that they will apply for permanent residence in the United States as soon as the student becomes eligible.
  4. Male students between the ages of 18-26 must register with Selective Service.


TASFA Deadlines

If You Plan to Attend College From  You Will Submit This TASFA You Can Submit the TASFA From Using Income and Tax Information From Priority Deadlines
July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 2022 - 2023 October 1, 2021 - June 30, 2023 2020 January 15, 2022
July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024 2023 - 2024 October 1, 2022 - June 30, 2024 2021 January 15, 2023

*Funding is limited, not all eligible students who apply will be awarded state grants. We encourage all students to apply and complete their financial aid paperwork as soon as possible to maximize their chances of receiving an award. The grant is not guaranteed to be renewed. 


For a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the TASFA, see the checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the TASFA requirements?

    You must not be a US citizen or permanent resident, must be classified as a Texas Resident (lived in TX for at least 3 years), must submit an Affidavit of Intent to Registrar’s Office, males between the ages of 18-26 must register for Selective Service.
  • How do I apply?

    Get started on your TASFA application here. If you need additional help check out the checklist or call 210-784-1300.
  • What is the TASFA deadline?

    We have a priority deadline of January 15 each year, but you can still submit your application even after that date and you will be awarded if funds are still available.
  • Can I submit my TASFA application in person or by mail?

    Yes. You may submit your paper application via mail, in person at the Welcome Center, or upload the application to our student inquiry portal.
  • What documents are needed after the application is submitted?

    We will need parents and student tax returns for the prior-prior year or non-filing forms if parent/students did not file taxes, verification worksheets, Affidavit of Intent (notarized), Selective Service form and proof for males only. See the checklist for the required documents
  • Does my parent need to sign the application?

    For Dependent Students, a parent signature is required.
  • My parents do not file income taxes. What do I submit?

    If your parents live in the U.S. and work, they are required to file an income tax each year even if they do not have a social security number. Immigrant workers can apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) when they complete their income tax returns. If they did not work, please download the Dependent Tax-Non-Filers Affidavit listed in the forms section below and complete.
  • As an undocumented or DACA student, am I eligible for in-state tuition?

    It depends. In some states, undocumented students, or specifically DACA students, are eligible to receive in-state tuition. International students for example will not be eligible for in-state tuition, but check with the Registrar’s Office.
  • Is my information safe? Will my information be shared?

    Your information will only be reviewed by the financial aid officer reviewing your documents and none of the information is shared with other departments or agencies.
  • What is the Affidavit of Intent?

    It is a legal document that must be submitted in which the student promises that he/she will apply for legal status as soon as he/she is able to.
  • How long does the process take for my TASFA application to be reviewed?

    After the application has been successfully signed by student and parent (if required), please allow 5-7 business days for processing and for updates to appear in your JagWire account.
  • If I submit my application, does this guarantee I receive the grant?

    Submission of the application does not guarantee an award.


All financial aid documents may be submitted via one of the following methods: Drop off in the Welcome Center: Senator Frank Madla Building, Room 111; Fax to (210) 784-1490; By mail to: Texas A&M University-San Antonio Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid One University Way San Antonio, TX 78224