Cisneros Student Leadership Conference

Cisneros Student Leadership Conference
The Cisneros Student Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity to expand your leadership toolkit, gain fresh perspectives, and connect with a vibrant community committed to making a positive impact. We encourage you to seize this chance to enhance your own leadership journey and contribute to the growth and empowerment of others.
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2023: Beyond Words: Empowering Students Through Communication
Explore the transformative power of active listening in leadership development and community engagement.Inspired by this year's Common Read by Kate Murphy's "You're Not Listening: What You're Missing and Why It Matters," we will delve into the art of effective communication and its impact on fostering inclusive environments.
2022: From Me to We: Exploring Who We are as Community Leaders
Leadership is a cyclical process influenced by how leaders interact with their community and vice versa. During the conference, participants will explore who they are as leaders, how their stories connect to a larger community, and how leadership is a community effort.
2021: Leaning In Self-Care and Resiliency
Often, as leaders, we prioritize others well-being over our own. However, leaders must also ensure that they take care of themselves first. The Cisneros Student Leadership Conference aims to provideparticipants withstrategiesfor self-care,pushing through difficulties, and navigating relationships. The participants will also receive A&M-SAand community-wideresources.
2020: Courageous Conversations
Topics of discussion will be social justice, current events, activism, allyship, bias in the workplace, police brutality, voter equity, and many more. We will be holding a lunch discussion with Raven Douglas about Voting Rights in Texas and the 2020 Presidential Election. This conference should equip you with the tools to help you navigate conversations about various issues that you may not have felt comfortable doing beforehand.