Accessibility Procurement Process

We want technology that works for all of our users. In order to do this, technology that is used must go through an accessibility review process.

Entering the IT Accessibility Process

In accordance with Texas A&M Systems Policy and the law, Texas A&M University-San Antonio has put in place the IT Accessibility Procurement Process to ensure IT products purchased are accessible for everyone. The IT Accessibility Procurement Process requires vendors to provide documentation about their product accessibility and must work with the university to mitigate accessibility issues and concerns in the products they are providing. The vendors products undergoes IT Accessibility review to determine the accessibility impact. Products identified having high impact receives additional evaluation and may need supplemental documentation from the vendor.

IT Accessibility Procedure

Below list step by step accessibility process when requesting to purchase IT products or services.

Step 1: Pre Analysis
Step 2: Completing the Accessibility Intake Form
Step 3: Impact Determination
Step 4: Impact Result Outcomes
Step 5: If required, completing an alternate access plan

ITS Accessibility Procurement Information