Transforming Tomorrow Together

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Culture of Excellence

Strive for excellence, continuous improvement, and responsible stewardship in all that we do, on behalf of the campus community we serve.


  • By May 2026, become a model of excellence through continuous improvement, assessment, and data-informed practices in our services and systems.
  • By August 2026, demonstrate excellent fiscal stewardship by building a sustainable funding model through the use of financial indicators, as well as growth in higher formula-funded semester credit hours.
  • Enhance the institutional commitment to talent through a holistic compensation package, professional development, and opportunities for career progression.
  • Provide for greater employee engagement and satisfaction as a top priority by seeking and using formalized feedback systems to retain high-performing faculty and staff.
  • Kathy Funk-Baxter, chair | Vice President of Business Affairs/CFO  


  • William Griffenberg | Associate Vice President for Technology/CIO (Objective 1)
  • Craig Elmore | Associate Vice President & Controller (Objective 2)
  • Martha Gonzáles | Chief Human Resources Officer (Objective 3)