Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What services are covered by the University Services Fee?

The University Services Fee will be used to cover expenses for the following items: academic advising, library services, transcripts, student IDs, distance learning, campus safety and security, transportation, information technology, course fees, and other university services as required. 

Will I be dropped from my classes if I don’t make payment by the due date of my bill?

Students who pre-register for classes must make satisfactory payment arrangements with the Student Business Services by the due date of your bill. Failure to make satisfactory payment arrangements may result in the cancellation of your class schedule. If you are dropped from your classes, you may be able to be reinstated, after you have made satisfactory payment arrangements with the Student Business Services.

What type of payments does Texas A&M University-San Antonio accept?

Payments by cash, check, money order and debit cards can be made at the Student Business Services Suite 135 during normal business hours.  Payment by credit cards and electronic check may be made at any time online through your Jaguar MoneyConnect.  

What type of payments options are available to Faculty & Staff?

Payments by cash, check, money order and debit or credit card can be made in-person at the Student Business Services Suite 135 during normal business hours.  

How do I access the online payment screen?

To make a payment online you must login to JagWire, then Paying for College, Pay Online. In MoneyConnect you will be able to select “Make a Payment” from the main screen.

When is my tuition bill due?

The term bill is typically due a week prior to the first day of classes.  Consult Academic Calendar for exact dates.

What happens to my bill if I add or drop classes?

Your tuition bill will be adjusted for all adds and/or drops through Census Date. A revised bill is periodically available for each student to view on MoneyConnect through JagWire. This bill may be used to determine what payments need to be made and verify billing corrections due to course changes.

Does the Student Business Services cash checks for students?

No. Student Business Services will not be able to cash checks.

I owe money for a previous semester. May I register?

The University’s tuition policy requires that all prior balances be paid in full prior to registration for future semesters. Student Business Services will work with you to make satisfactory payment arrangements.