Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan

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The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) will pay for the number of tuition hours purchased under the student's contract.

Students will be responsible for paying additional tuition hours to the university not covered by their plan. Mandatory fees that all students are required to pay for enrollment are covered for a limited number of semesters (please contact the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Fund for additional information). The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Fund does not cover laboratory fees, course-specific fees, room, board, books, sport passes, enhancements fees, field trip fees, study abroad trip fees, optional fees, or 3-peat fees.


TGTP requests are processed through our document upload portal. Please click the link below to upload all required documents.

The following information is needed when requesting TGTP:

  • Student's UIN
  • Student's Full Name
  • TGTP Account Number. The TGTP Account Number can be found on the TGTP Card sent to you by mail from the TGTP Office.

PORTAL LINK: https://laserfiche.tamusa.edu/Forms/ThirdPartyDocumentsUpload


  • An estimated conditional credit will be posted for student-activated accounts before the first day of class. Student's must activate their benefits by submitting documentation through our portal. Conditional credits will be posted to student accounts every Monday. If documentation is submitted on Tuesday it will not reflect until the following Monday.
    • Students will be responsible for any charges not covered by TGTP
    •  The conditional credit does not signify payment
  • Texas A&M - San Antonio will invoice TGTP for eligible charges for the semester after the 20th class day.
  • Once payment is received from TGTP, adjustments may be made according to the benefits available.
PORTAL LINK: https://laserfiche.tamusa.edu/Forms/ThirdPartyDocumentsUpload


Students and guardians may request to remove their plan before the first due date of any semester or before the semester begins. The conditional credit may not be removed after school has started.

Removal requests can be sent to sbs@tamusa.edu with a student ID, the student’s full name, and the term for which the student is requesting TGTP be removed.


Texas A&M University - San Antonio will bill the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan for all benefits available. 


The student must notify Student Business Services when hours and fee terms are running out of their plan. Failure to notify Student Business Services may result in an unexpected balance due to the student account. This is also referred to as charge-back due to an insufficient TGTP benefit(s). When a student's hours or fee benefits become insufficient, the plan will no longer automatically apply to the student account for the fall and spring semesters. Students will need to contact Student Business Services before the first day of classes to request to use any balance of benefits in the event this occurs. Students who fail to notify Student Business Services of their intent to use their plan before classes begin may be unable to use it that semester.


Students may use their plan toward graduate school at TAMUSA. The plan will pay the undergraduate reimbursement rates for the type of plan purchased. Students will be responsible for amounts billed over the state average. Students can use all of their remaining plan benefits at one time to pay towards graduate or professional programs; please view the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan Student Handbook and choose Page 15 on the Table of Contents for more information. Contact the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan for additional information on unused plan hours and benefits.


If you want to verify your hours or get more information about your plan, The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan Office can contact the State Comptroller's office at (800) 531-5441. This information is also available on the back of the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan ID card. For more information, please visit Texas Guaranteed Tuition Fund (formerly the Texas Tomorrow Fund).