Space Management Program

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Governor Rick Perry implemented executive order RP-49 on October 27, 2005, requiring each state agency to submit an Energy Conservation Plan to the Office of the Governor and the Legislative Budget Board no later than December 1, 2005.  The executive order states “Each state agency shall develop a plan for conserving energy and shall set a percentage goal for reducing its usage of electricity, gasoline, and natural gas."


Conserving Texas's resources is a community effort. Below are a few campus energy-saving tips:

  • Turn off lights in classrooms and offices when not in use
  • Unplug appliances like coffee makers when not in use
  • Choose natural or task-specific lighting, turning off overheard lights in offices or hallways
  • Defer printing & copying jobs that can wait to a time outside of peak energy demand times (3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Adjust your computer’s power management settings to “sleep” when not in use

For more energy-saving tips at home and on campus visit