Consortium Agreements

Texas A&M University-San Antonio offers students the opportunity to participate in a Consortium Agreement when they are dually enrolled at A&M-SA and the Alamo Colleges in the same semester.

Two or more schools may enter into a consortium or contractual agreement so that a student can continue to receive Federal Student Aid funds while studying at a school or organization other than his or her "home" school. The "home" school is the one that will grant the student's degree or certification (FSA Handbook, U.S. Department of Education). 

Please be aware of the following criteria for a Consortium Agreement:

  • Students must be enrolled for 3 credits minimum at A&M-SA in order to participate.

Student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by A&M-SA SAP policy. For more information on SAP, please click here .

  • The student is responsible for paying the Alamo Colleges' tuition and fees. A&M-SA will not provide funds to initially pay for the Alamo College courses.  

  • The student cannot receive financial aid from both A&M-SA and the Alamo Colleges. The student financial aid will be administered through A&M-SA. It is highly recommended to visit Alamo Colleges and request a financial aid cancellation if you have been awarded financial aid through them. 

  • The student's Cost of Attendance will be adjusted to reflect the student's enrollment at A&M-SA which may result in an adjustment to the student's financial aid. (Actual tuition & Fees are used to calculate Cost of Attendance).

  • Consortiums are processed after Census Date of each semester to confirm enrollment and review if courses are required for the degree plan. Consortium Agreements will be processed before the end of the semester for financial aid to be re-adjusted and funds disbursed.

Financial aid will NOT consider or pay for flex courses at Alamo Colleges.

The following conditions apply to students when submitting a Consortium Agreement 

  • For each semester of enrollment, submit a signed and completed Consortium Agreement (download the form below). 

  • Submit a copy of the detailed class schedule for the Alamo College courses.

  • Be enrolled in a degree seeking program at A&M-SA.

  • If enrollment changes throughout the semester, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Office at A&M-SA.

Consortium Agreement Deadline: Census Date of each semester

Consortium Agreement Checklist

Consortium Agreement Form

Read and fill out the Consortium Agreement form. You will be notified once the Consortium Agreement has been processed or if additional action is needed. Reminder: Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in case there is a change in your enrollment.

Meet With Your Advisor

Set up an appointment with your Academic Advisor to determine if courses can go towards your degree plan and if they are flex courses. The Academic Advisor must sign off on their section to process the Consortium Agreement.

Submit For Approval

Submit the signed Consortium agreement and Alamo College Schedule to the Financial Aid Coordinator for approval. The schedule must include your name, semester, course name, course number, and timeframe of the course. The Consortium Agreement will not be processed if you do not submit an Alamo College schedule. The documents can be submitted by going to our Contact Us page, and submitting a ticket by selecting "Student Forms".